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UAE Residency Programs; Inside Out

The world came to a standstill last year with the global spread of Coronavirus. Countries had to go under lockdowns, people were forced to stay at home and the overall way of life was suddenly disrupted. Given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic, governments across the globe were and some still are struggling to balance between controlling the virus and ensuring the smooth flow …

Dubai Skyline

Rent to Own; An Answer to all your Prayers

Can’t wait to find out what Rent to Own is? Scroll down to the Highlights. Read on for to learn in detail. The advent of Rent to Own offerings in Dubai is a testimony of how reactive the market has become. As a result of the constant correction in rental prices, there is hardly any difference between the rent and the monthly installment for …

Indian Flag-Burj Khalifa

Indian Love for Dubai

Just like the population census, Dubai’s investment records read “India” on top of the list. That’s right, Indians are the biggest foreign group of investors for the Dubai real estate market. The numbers have only been going up for the last five years. In 2017 alone, Indians invested Dh15.6 billion (INR 31,200 crores) while the runner-up Saudi Arabia could only manage Dh7 billion. So, …

HH_Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum_Risk Taking

Dubai Real Estate; Elephant in the Room

  As a professional working in Dubai real estate, the price correction is almost always the ‘elephant in the room’ for me. I find myself talking to friends and family about work when suddenly they get uncomfortable while asking me about mine. “It’s great,” I tell them “In fact, one of the best times in my career.” Evidently enough, the elephant doesn’t bother my …

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