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Indian Investors

Dubai for Indians

Indians are the biggest foreign investors for Dubai. Indians invested Dh15.6 billion (INR 29,000 crores) which is more than double the Dh7 billion invested by Saudis who ranked second. What makes Dubai so attractive for Indians?

Property Rates

  • A 1200 sq.ft. apartment will cost INR 4.5 crores (AED 2.6 million)
  • The same 1200 sq.ft. Apartment will only cost INR 1.7 crore (AED 1 million) in Dubai

World-leading Yields

  • The same INR 4.5 crore apartment attracts an annual rent of INR 14.28 lakhs (AED 84,000) which is 3.2% of the property value
  • While the INR 1.7 crore (AED 1 million) apartment will easily attract an annual rent of INR 14,28,000 (AED 84,000) which is 8.3% of the property value

Tax-Free Regime

  • 18% tax (6% Stamp Duty, Registration + 12% GST) is applicable on properties purchased from developers in India
  • Only 4% transfer fees is payable to the Dubai Land Department

Secure Investments

  • Even after the RERA act came into force in 2017, real estate activities in India are still not regulated completely
  • In case of off-plan (under-construction) properties, the amount paid to developer is held in an Escrow account regulated by RERA

Money Matters

Thinking about how the money would flow? Don’t worry, we’ve highlighted the path for you.

Liberated Remittance Scheme

LRS has been devised by the Reserve Bank of India to allow Indians to transfer money abroad. The scheme allows an approval-free transfer of $250,000 per person per year including minors. So a family of four can easily transfer $1 million each year. This is more than enough for you to purchase your dream property in Dubai.

Rental Yields

The income generated by means of rent can be legally transferred to India. The Municipal Taxes paid are deducted from the annual rent of the property to arrive at the Net Asset Value (NAV). The NAV is then taxable according to your income tax slab. One can also avail an additional deduction of up to 30% of NAV under Section 24A of the Income Tax Act. Apart from this one can also claim deduction by reflecting the Property Management Agency fees.

Capital Gains

The Indian government considers income generated from investments in local and foreign real estate as the same. Therefore, capital gains on long term and short term investments are taxed at 20% and 30% respectively. Gains from real estate investments held for more than 36 months are considered as long term capital gains while the rest are considered as short term. The 20% tax on long term gains can be avoided by reinvesting in Indian properties.

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